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May 1 – May 12
What we're reading by EWA members these past two weeks

Idaho balances its history of welcoming immigrant and refugee students with the current national anxiety about migrants and terrorism, reports Kevin Richert for Idaho Education News.

Unlike the fines he receives in the NBA, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s broadsides at the state of higher education are attracting fans also critical of how colleges conduct business. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Goldie Blumenstyk offers this in-depth look at the college finance theories of the billionaire “disruptor.”

Are there political motives behind charging politicians to conduct events on college campuses? The Toledo Blade’s Vanessa McCray inspects the billings at several colleges in Ohio to find out.

The nation’s best model for closing the achievement gap between black and white students is Detroit — where both groups are way behind their national peers. Ann Doss Helms of The Charlotte Observer asks whether closing gaps is more important than improving student academics.

Joy Resmovits and Sonali Kohli write a moving portrait of two students with similar backgrounds but totally different high school opportunities, and the effect that has on their college prospects. The Los Angeles Times ran this story.

If Chicago parents have a problem with a school-board member, they can’t vote her out. That’s because Chicago’s school board is hand-picked by the mayor. An effort is underway to change that, writes Tara Garcia Mathewson for NPR Illinois.

Ian Whitaker of The Las Vegas Sun writes a gem: He follows several teachers who drive 180 miles each day to teach in California, even though they live in Nevada. It’s a humanizing take on the teacher shortage problem in Las Vegas.

Under federal investigation for fraud, this Illinois-based charter operator still received a $340,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Dan Mihalopoulos of the Chicago Sun-Times investigates the seeming disconnect.

In Texas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has ignited a firestorm of protest after calling for the resignation of a local superintendent for approving bathroom policies that support transgender students. Eva-Marie Ayala of The Dallas Morning News has more.

A student recorded the leaders of her school district’s board during a private meeting. Now the board members are at the center of a dispute that may lead to their ouster, reports Jenny Brundin of Colorado Public Radio.

Los Angeles high school students write and perform a play about the difficulties of middle school, but not before interviewing current middle school students first. Priska Neely of KPCC has more.

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