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March 9 – 16
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Alia Malik of the San Antonio Express-News tells how a 16-year-old constructed a “robot-hand” for a 6-year-old using a 3-D printer as part of his computer science class.


Twenty years later, Vanessa de la Torre, Matthew Kauffman and Kathleen Megan of the Hartford Courant examine in depth the unintended consequences of the Sheff v. O’Neill case—Connecticut’s decree that racial isolation in Hartford schools violated children’s constitutional rights.


Michael Vasquez of The Chronicle of Higher Education looks into allegations of lavish spending, without public scrutiny, at university foundations nationwide.


Edsource’s John Fensterwald and Theresa Harrington break down the new California Model Five-by-Five Placement Reports & Data site, a comparison tool that will enable parents, teachers and district administrators to identify high- and low-performing schools in measuring local accountability.


Rachel Morello’s video for WUWM’s Segregation Matters project explains the evolution of Milwaukee’s “separate but equal” standing since the Civil Rights era.


Gabrielle Russon of the Orlando Sentinel reports on the engineering professor who was forced to resign from the University of Central Florida after he was accused of inappropriate ties with a Chinese university banned by the federal government.


Patrick O’Donnell of The Cleveland Plain Dealer found that most of the money from Ohio’s main tuition voucher programs—97 percent—flows to private religious schools


Jenny Abamu of EdSurge offers a three-step list educators can use to start implementing artificial intelligence (AI) education in schools.


The Herald Times‘ Michael Reschke reports that administrators of graduate programs at Indiana University say they’re seeing a decline in applications from international students this year.


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