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March 31-April 7
What we're reading by EWA members this week

Eli Francovich of The Spokesman-Review publishes controversial PowerPoint slides of a Spokane Community College criminal justice professor who’s under investigation for discrimination. 


Peggy Barmore of The Hechinger Report writes about two new teacher licensing tests that some worry will make the profession even whiter.


Jamaal Abdul-Alim of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education reports on a new study showing that students who graduate from charter schools are more likely to persist in college and earn more in their mid-20s than their public school-graduate peers.


Jenny Brundin of Colorado Public Radio reports that “a growing number of Colorado students are saying ‘auf Wiedersehen’ to American universities” and heading to study in Germany, where college is tuition-free.


Kimberly Hefling of Politico writes that though many have considered the test opt-out movement a white suburban parents’ crusade, the movement is gaining traction with black and Latino families. 


Delece Smith-Barrow of U.S. News & World Report examines business school enrollment trends at historically black colleges and universities. Several schools are seeing a boost in the number of students — but those students aren’t necessarily African-American, she writes.


Sarah Brown of The Chronicle of Higher Education interviews a black student activist at Princeton University who helped form a coalition against the protests of Princeton’s Black Justice League, criticizing the group for making demands “that would make the campus ‘go backwards’ into a segregation-like era and stifle constructive dialogue.”


Melissa Taboada of the Austin American-Statesman has the details on a proposed tax swap between the city and the school district in Austin that could potentially save millions.


Nan Austin of The Modesto Bee has a heartwarming story out of Turlock, California, where retirees are volunteering their time as chaplains at local schools to provide a listening ear for children dealing with trauma.

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