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March 23 – March 29
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week.

Funds from a settled desegregation case have been supporting Mississippi’s HBCUs, but the money is about to run out, reports Adam Harris for The Chronicle of Higher Education


Lily Altavena of The Arizona Republic takes a look beyond the ‘D’ grade of a Mesa community school. 


Hundreds of thousands of protesters recently turned out across the country for #MarchforOurLives, calling for stricter gun control and less gun violence. Samantha Hernandez covered a Wisconsin protest for The Green Bay Press Gazette.


Technological shifts and budget cuts are increasingly putting the role of the school librarian in peril, writes Jackie Valley via The Nevada Independent. 


EducationNC explores the experiences of minority teachers in their new series “Teaching-in-color.”


Kirk Carapezza at WGBH details how Purdue University has acquired the online for-profit Kaplan University with designs to create an online degree program.


The Columbian’s Katie Gillespie finds that local Washington state schools are raising the bar for students by incorporating Advanced Placement coursework into standard classes.

Kathy Bolten continues her Des Moines Register feature series on Iowa college affordability by following the trajectory of Pell Grant recipients. 


Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lauren FitzPatrick exposes how Chicago Public Schools called for a ”blitz” of  health inspections then halted the work before finishing it — after finding myriad problems such as rat infestations and unsanitary bathrooms in schools.

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