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March 2 – 9
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Chad Livengood of Crain’s Detroit Business reports on how Michigan State Superintendent of Schools Brian Whiston offered an 18-month reprieve to 25 persistently low-performing schools in Detroit facing closure if academics do not improve.


As standardized tests in Ohio are ready to begin, Shannon Gilchrist of The Columbus Dispatch looks at whether third-graders are too young to have developed the computer skills to take a timed test.


EdSource’s Fermin Leal reports that California soon will issue school and district report cards without noting whether students are prepared for college or careers.


Eric Weddle of WFYI examines efforts in Indiana to counter a high suicide rate. The state ranks second for high schoolers who made a suicide plan and third for those who have seriously considered suicide.


Neal Morton of the Seattle Times looks at the psychology behind how districts are boosting student attendance by sending home “nudge” letters when students miss too many days of school.


Melissa Korn for the Wall Street Journal digs into the stories of a few of the 108 college athletes punished for serious crimes who were given second chances by another school’s team.


 The Hechinger Report’s Nichole Dobo speaks with skeptical students who don’t see technological intervention into their performance as a welcome helping hand.


Emily DeRuy with The Atlantic dives deep into the disparity between ”Betsy DeVos of Grand Rapids” and “Betsy DeVos who serves as President Donald Trump’s controversial education secretary.” 


Peter Balonon-Rosen reports for Indiana Public Media on a group of students taking advantage of a program designed to help those with autism thrive on Indiana University’s campus.


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