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Mar. 8 – Mar. 14
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

What happened when a charter school in Tennessee replaced in-school suspensions with something called a reflection room? Chalkbeat’s Caroline Bauman examines one effort to rethink discipline.

For The Chronicle of Higher Education, Michael Vasquez explains how a major chain of for-profit colleges “came crashing down” this month.

In the second part of a series on school closures, Marta Jewson of The Lens examines the effects of closures on New Orleans students, families, and teachers.

Reporting by WAMU’s Jenny Abamu reveals hundreds of cases where children in a Virginia school district were restrained or put in seclusion, despite the district reporting no such instances.

For KERA News, Stella Chavez examines how a small rural school district in Texas responded after immigration agents raided a nearby business.

Despite rising college costs and anxiety around student loan debt, most young adults still say a bachelor’s degree is worth it, reports Delece Smith-Barrow for The Hechinger Report.

EdSource’s Zaidee Stavely examines how one Oakland high school is helping young Central American migrants earn diplomas.

A prison education program in Illinois is opening minds and opportunities, reports Dusty Rhodes for NPR Illinois.

For the Louisville Courier-Journal, Mandy McLaren and Billy Kobin examine the dynamics at play as Kentucky teachers continue to threaten walkouts.

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