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Mar. 22 – Mar. 28
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A Connecticut school district’s decision to hire security guards while laying off mental health professionals has sparked a debate about school safety, reports Brian Zahn for the New Haven Register.

Meanwhile, an Indiana elementary school received national attention after teachers there were shot with plastic pellets as part of an active-shooter drill, reports Arika Herron for the Indianapolis Star.

In a national look at the issue of active-shooter drills, Education Week’s Madeline Will explored how some training tactics can do more harm than good.

Despite efforts to increase teacher diversity in Washington State, new data show progress is slow, reports Dahlia Bazzaz for The Seattle Times.

For the Los Angeles Times, Anna Phillips examines how a pair of charter school founders have made millions despite years of allegations of financial and academic wrongdoing.

Mindfulness exercises, one-on-one counseling, and group therapy sessions have replaced suspensions and expulsions at one charter school in Austin, Texas, writes Emily Tate for EdSurge.

For The Hechinger Report, Tara Garcia Mathewson examines how some schools are moving beyond a system of rewards and punishment to inspire students’ intrinsic motivation to learn.

In recent years, an increasing number of colleges and universities have developed programs for students with intellectual disabilities, writes WUWM’s Emily Files.

A New Orleans high school is facing scrutiny for improper grade inflation after an administrator who raised red flags was fired, reports Marta Jewson for The Lens.

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