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June 9 – 15
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Liz Bell of Education NC found that some North Carolina teachers had to mark students’ final grades as “incomplete” because they received final exam scores before their grading deadlines, and in some cases, teachers were asked to come back to school—after their contracts are over—to amend students’ final grades.


Christopher Edley argues for EdSource that a college degree can break the cycle of poverty, and California State University campuses must take steps to ensure that math requirements do not pose arbitrary and discriminatory barriers.


Suzanne Pekow reports for APM’s Educate podcast about a charter school in Boston where students spend years preparing to go to college but then find that paying for it is another challenge.


The Rivard Report’s Bekah McNeel reports on the children and parents affected by the summer shift in school-provided meals.


The Atlantic presents Sarah Carr and Mallory Falk’s second installment in an audio series that features teachers reflecting on one of their most challenging students, counterbalanced by the students’ versions of the same events.


Jamaal Abdul-Alim writes for Diverse: Issues in Higher Education on the controversial move to require high school seniors in Chicago to present “evidence of a postsecondary plan” in order to graduate.


Jacqueline Rabe Thomas of the Connecticut Mirror notes that some school districts across the country that have committed to dual-language instruction have found ways to make big gains in the face of obstacles, both perceived and real.


John Daley reports for Colorado Public Radio on students who are part of the team helping a local hospital address teenage mental health struggles. 


Natalie Pate of the Statesman Journal looks into the 90 percent of students at Woodburn’s Wellness, Business and Sports School who earn their diplomas in four years, and why that statistic is up from just 56 percent less than 10 years ago.


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