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June 7 – June 13
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A plan to close a predominantly black high school in Michigan is unfolding as the first crisis of Gretchen Whitmer’s governorship, writes Jennifer Chambers for The Detroit News.

The Rivard Report’s Emily Donaldson examines how a lack of paid maternity leave can create challenges for Texas teachers planning a family.

With no internet at home, nearly 3 million students struggle to keep up with their studies, report Michael Melia, Jeff Amy, and Larry Fenn for the Associated Press.

For the Star Tribune, Mila Koumpilova examines the challenges facing one university as it attempts to reckon with its history.

As some presidential candidates take aim at charter schools, Education Week’s Andrew Ujifusa breaks down the charter school landscape in early primary states.

Traditional school districts are losing funds as a result of rising charter school enrollments in the Golden State, according to a new, controversial report on California, reports EdSource’s Theresa Harrington.

Faced with an affordable housing crisis, community colleges in California look to dorms as a possible solution, writes Felicia Mello for CALmatters.

The 74’s Kate Stringer explores a program that gives aspiring preteen reporters the opportunity to interview world leaders.

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