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June 30 – July 6
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Adam Harris of The Chronicle of Higher Education provides an update on the month of stagnation since Betsy DeVos has taken reporters’ questions, or made other senior officials available to explain policy shifts.


Linda Conner Lambeck reports for the Connecticut Post about how reviewers have found the Connecticut state ESSA plan lacks clarity and details in its plan to look beyond math and reading to determine student proficiency. 


Writing for The Hechinger ReportNatalie Gross explains how alternative high schools, such as one in Boston, offer lessons in how to reach students who might otherwise drop out.


The Lens‘ Marta Jewson has the story of a school which broke its charter agreement by failing to follow a federal law that requires schools to change policies that impede homeless students from learning.


Jenny Brundin of NPR speaks with more than a dozen school employees from around Colorado who just spent three days learning advanced gun skills at a shooting range.


Natalie Pate and Diane Dietz of the Statesman Journal report on the disparity between state funding of Oregon’s 2- and 4-year schools that has left a bad taste in some lawmaker’s mouths.


Trisha Powell Crain of shares the first of several stories digging into one of the most challenging issues facing Alabama public schools — the racial achievement gap. 


The Rivard Report’s Bekah McNeel speaks with one superintendent who believes that classrooms are killing education, and that tree houses could save it.


Writing for USA TodayGreg Toppo has the reasoning behind why experts say more and more law schools could be taking hits.


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