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June 2 – 8
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

EdSource’s Jane Meredith Adams reports on an apparent high school suicide cluster in Clovis Unified School District that has fast-tracked district efforts to do more to address students’ mental health.


An investigation by Kevin Richert and Idaho Education News finds that districts and charter schools in the state made up less than a quarter of the school days lost to the severe winter of 2016-17, and that many administrators were reluctant to extend the school year, for reasons that had little to do with student performance.


Jamaal Abdul-Alim writes for Youth Today about a new “school within a school” program in Baltimore that offers students the opportunity to graduate within six years or less with an associate degree — at no cost — in addition to their high school diplomas.


Molly Bloom of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution digs into the city’s progress on its complex, expensive effort to improve its worst schools.


Education Dive’s Linda Jacobson examines a study that backs the idea that multidisciplinary centers that connect faculty and students across subject areas might “represent a possible future for universities.”


Rosanna Xia of the Los Angeles Times reports from the University of Southern California, where more than 1,400 transfer students join the student body this year, making it the largest transfer community at any private school.


Jennifer Palmer writes for Oklahoma Watch about the state’s new changes to the high-stakes reading test administered to third graders, which may leave more students at risk of repeating the third grade.


Education Week’s Madeline Will speaks with teachers who are developing their own social-emotional competencies, including the ability to manage stress, so they can effectively model these skills to students.


Georgie Silvarole of the Independent Mail offers advice to students planning to go to college or start a career, for whom a distasteful comment or questionable post can drastically change future plans in an instant. 


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