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June 16 – 22
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Eva-Marie Ayala of The Dallas Morning News digs into a clash between charter schools pushing for state funds to pay for their buildings, while others want the money to go toward vouchers for private schools. Gov. Greg Abbott has made school choice a focus of the special legislative session that starts July 18.


Mike Wilkinson writing for Bridge Magazine finds that in Detroit, as many as 260 classroom teacher positions are unfilled in the state’s largest district, a shortage so severe that last year substitutes were the full-time solution in more than 100 classrooms.


EdSource’s Larry Gordon takes a look at the effectiveness of co-requisite courses being offered in California that combine college- and remedial-level material, while giving students more class time and offering more tutoring.


Eli Francovich of the Spokesman-Review speaks to parents and teachers concerned with the disproportionate discipline rates for minorities and special education students in Washington.


Soni Sangha explores for BrightReads how grappling with a complicated and controversial topic such as climate change is making science instructors thinking about how best to balance science and politics.


Amber C. Walker of The Capital Times writes about the roll-out of a mandatory course for high school students in the next school year in an effort to build students that are “college, career and community ready.”


Education Week’s Ben Herold writes on the barriers to creating a culture of training that would help teachers use new technologies in high-poverty schools.


Kyra Gurney of the Miami Herald tells the tale of an attempted hacking that exposed the vulnerabilities of Florida’s school district networks, which could potentially provide a backdoor into other government systems.


Sari Lesk reports for the Stevens Point Journal on a Wisconsin district’s uptick in Advanced Placement tests as students are weighing their options to determine which opportunities could have the biggest payoffs.


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