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June 15-June 21
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Emmanuel Felton of The Hechinger Report investigates charter schools where the student population is significantly whiter than neighboring district schools.

A lawsuit alleges that school districts across the country are excluding immigrant students. Zoë Kirsch of The Teacher Project explores the issue for Naples Daily News.

With a Supreme Court ruling imminent, Madeline Will of Education Week reports on how teachers’ unions are preparing for the ‘post-Janus’ era.

A controversy is brewing in Michigan over a proposal to remove gay rights and climate change from the state’s social studies standards, reports Lori Higgins of the Detroit Free Press.


Eric Sturgis of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explores new ways that selective universities in Georgia are trying to recruit rural students. 

In communities across the country, the opioid epidemic is putting extra strain on already struggling schools, writes Politico’s Kimberly Hefling. 

Widespread school closings in Puerto Rico means some displaced students will have to travel long distances to attend school, reports Andrew Ujifusa of Education Week.

For Inside Higher Ed, Greg Toppo explains why conclusions from the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment are now being challenged.

As The White House proposes to merge the Labor and Education departments, Jenny Abamu of EdSurge looks at previous attempts to shrink or abolish the Department of Education.

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