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June 1-June 7
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

A school district in the San Antonio will require clear backpacks for middle and high school students as a safety measure, writes Lauren Caruba for the San Antonio Express-News. 

Chalkbeat’s Ann Schimke visits a ‘forest preschool’ and examines barriers to diversifying this unique model for early learning.

Aliyya Swaby of The Texas Tribune looks at how teachers struggled to keep their classrooms running after one of the worst natural disasters in state history.

In an investigation for the Orlando Sentinel, Annie Martin, Leslie Postal, and Beth Kassab report that some publicly-funded private schools in Florida are teaching distorted history and pseudo-science.

For The Seattle Times, Katherine Long examines a plan to offer free community-college for high school graduates.

One in five school police officers say their school is not prepared to handle an active-shooter situation, writes Evie Blad of Education Week. 

Writing for the Christian Science Monitor, Wayne D’Orio examines efforts to reduce suspension rates for special education students.

Exploring the free speech debate at colleges, Michael Vasquez of The Chronicle of Higher Education asks “at what point does a heated exchange become disrespect? And who gets to decide?”

The Houston Chronicle’s Shelby Webb tells the story of a graduating senior who persevered through incredible challenges after Hurricane Harvey.

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