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July 7 – 13
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Kevin Richert reports for Idaho Ed News that barely 12 percent of Idaho’s class of 2016 graduated high school with AP college credits in hand — lagging well below the national average.


Jennifer Palmer writes for Oklahoma Watch about how some districts are now raising a long-held cap on the number of students in pre-K classrooms, a move that could dilute the state’s most admired and arguably successful educational initiative.


The Houston Chronicle’s Lindsay Ellis finds that one-third of more than 2,100 high school juniors and seniors globally said the current political climate makes them less interested in enrolling in a U.S. university.


McKenna Oxenden of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes about a new bill that would allow schools to offer on-site gun education classes to promote gun safety and boost participation in trap shooting.


The Waco Tribune-Herald’s Shelly Conlon explores the implications of a law requiring all new school buses to have three-point seat belts, which include shoulder and lap straps, for all passengers.


Natalie Bruzda of the Las Vegas Review-Journal profiles an English professor who is part of a delegation of poets traveling to the Havana International Literary Festival.


Trisha Crain of brings the latest in the series ”Tackling the Gap: A Teacher’s Conversation,” on the state’s gap when it comes to the percentage scoring proficient on standardized tests.


Powell Berger of BrightReads features the community of one rural Hawaii coast who are giving students what they need to stay in school.


The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Goldie Blumenstyk speaks with a founder of Roadtrip Nation, who describes how the organization enlivens how people prepare for their post-school lives.


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