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July 28 – August 4
What we're reading by EWA members this past week

“At USC, the Warrior-Scholar Project aims to help veterans … hone academic and social skills that may be lacking or forgotten, dissuading many from considering a top-tier school,” writes Rosanna Xia of the Los Angeles Times

“Over 1 in 5 of California’s charter schools have restrictive admissions requirements or other exclusionary practices that keep out many students with the greatest academic needs,” reports Louis Freedberg of EdSource.

Diana Lambert of The Sacramento Bee investigates and finds that “during her tenure as UC Davis chancellor, Linda P.B. Katehi has flown first class, hired tour guides, taken limousines and made numerous expensive travel changes that were billed to the University of California.” 

“A Massachusetts high school that educates teenagers addicted to heroin, alcohol, and prescription drugs has spent the past year teaching them how to stay alive,” shares Allison Pohle of

Danielle Dreilinger of translates the wonk-speak of the Every Student Succeeds Act into this question-and-answer story designed for parents.

“Matt Nobles, a criminal justice professor at the University of Central Florida and previously at Sam Houston State University, has studied concealed handguns at colleges. Here are five things to know from his research,” reports Laura Isensee for Houston Public Media.

Denise Smith Amos of Florida Times-Union informs us that during “the current election cycle, Florida’s biggest charter school companies spread more than $343,000 around so far to mostly conservative candidates for state Senate and House seats and to political action groups.”

The group behind the Vergara teacher tenure suit in California filed a new court case this week, this time to force 13 school districts to use “state standardized test scores as one measure of teachers’ annual job reviews,” writes Joyce Tsai for the Bay Area News Group. 

A high school soccer squad in Miami is producing college-bound players where few existed before, and one coach stands out for taking a “stern focus on behavior and grades,” reports Rowan Moore Gerety for WLRN.

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