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July 28 – August 3
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

The Florida Times-Union’s Denise Smith Amos reports on a local district’s disproportionate rates of suspension and discipline amongst black students.


Writing for EducationDive, Linda Jacobson speaks with educators still working out how to get the right balance of testing without sacrificing valuable instructional time.


EdSurge’s Sydney Johnson found that traditional universities are trying out the “bootcamp” model for more than just coding.


Ray Salazar of NPR’s LatinoUSA explores efforts to recruit more male Latino teachers and improve Latino students’ educational experiences.


Shannon Gilchrist of The Columbus Dispatch previews a new campus that will house 600-700 pre-kindergarten through first grade students in hopes to ease a crowding problem, but also set the stage for better academic performance in the later grades.


Writing for the Houston ChronicleLindsay Ellis looks into a loophole through which high school kids may sit in classes next to an adult student who’s legally carrying a concealed handgun–even as it is illegal in Texas to carry on grade-school property.


The Atlantic’s Alia Wong reports from The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where the Oglala Sioux leader prophesied an economic, spiritual, and social renaissance among Native American youth who currently sit at the bottom of measures of educational attainment.


ChalkBeat’s Laura Faith Kebede has the latest on a rare state proposal that has U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and local advocates for students of color shaking their heads.


Jenny Abamu of EdSurge writes that not all CTE programs offer students skill sets that will give them a competitive edge in today’s job market. Some educators and researchers say that is problematic.


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