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January 6 – January 12

More districts and states are enacting rules to monitor school water safety. “The action is an acknowledgment that the largely voluntary testing system present in most of the country isn’t sufficient,” writes Stacy Teicher Khadaroo for The Christian Science Monitor.

Eric Kelderman of The Chronicle of Higher Education with an important insight into the likely education secretary under Trump: “Ms. DeVos shows her belief in developing civil society through the contributions of individual citizens rather than government.”

Justin Murphy of the Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester) offers this interesting observation about new revenue sources for cash-strapped schools: private funding.

Texas lawmakers are at odds over an impending overhaul of the state’s school accountability metric. One Democratic legislator said the A-F grading system will punish minority-serving schools that already receive inadequate funds. Supporters say the grades provide clarity. Eva-Marie Ayala and Holly K. Hacker of The Dallas Morning News have this story.

U.S. News & World Report offers a neat primer on what students seeking to save money by attending college in Europe can expect. Spoiler: some culture shock. Kelly Mae Ross with the goods.

“More than half of Duval County’s teachers were absent from their classrooms for more than two weeks during the 2013-14 school year,” reports Denise Smith Amos for

How bad is the fiscal situation in Virginia’s coal country? Sara Gregory gives us a hint by writing about the “elementary school roof that buzzards started tearing apart and repurposing for nests.” The Roanoke Times ran this story.

“The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is now investigating five Title IX sexual violence complaints against Indiana University,” reports Michael Reschke for The Herald-Times. Only Cornell University has as many complaints of all the schools in the nation.

In California, “New social studies guidelines encourage students as young as 5 to do community service,” reads the headline to this story by Diana Lambert of The Sacramento Bee.

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