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January 28 – February 4
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After WBUR’s Peter Balonon-Rosen asked a Boston school about why it suspended 68 kindergartners – roughly 11 percent of all early-grade suspensions in Massachusetts – the school banned suspensions for kindergartners.

Laura Isensee reports on the phenomenon of students who excel but experience guilt and shame over their success. It’s particularly prevalent among high-achieving students of color, she notes.

While anecdotes tell of veteran teachers quitting the profession due to an increase in paperwork and testing, some scholars don’t see today’s tales of attrition as something unique in labor-market trends, reports Jeffrey S. Solochek of the Tampa Bay Times.

Shelby Webb of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune gives the back story to why faculty at a state college in Florida decided to unionize after its board ruled to end tenure.

After laying off tens of thousands of teachers in response to crippling finances just a few years ago, California post-recession can’t find enough teachers to hire, reports Diana Lambert for the Sacramento Bee.

MJ Slaby of the Knoxville News Sentinel looks at a community college in Tennessee that’s enrolling students in need of remediation in regular classes that have remediation built-in. Early results suggest remedial students pass their courses at higher rates and save money, too.

If computer-based testing is the future, data that suggest students scored lower on digital versions of standardized tests may lead to tough questions about the direction of assessment in the nation’s schools, reports Ben Herold of Education Week.

Allison Ross of The Courier-Journal writes that the local district in Louisville, Kentucky, is suspending students for infractions that aren’t grounds for suspension in the code of conduct, raising worries that guidelines meant to reduce suspensions aren’t being followed.

Christine Armario of The Associated Press writes of an “emerging trend around the nation: hoaxers using proxy servers, virtual private networks and other high-tech identity-disguising tools to anonymously threaten schools online and trigger a huge police response.”

 Bonus 1: Sarah Butrymowicz and Jackie Mader of The Hechinger Report, together with The Clarion Ledger drop the first installment in their investigative series chronicling the lax oversight of early-education facilities in Mississippi, often resulting in “dangerous conditions for babies and young children.”

 Bonus 2: Justin Murphy describes a student-led theater production designed to increase teachers’ awareness about bullying, school stress, motivation and the pressures of being young adults. The play is part of the teachers’ professional development schedule, this Democrat and Chronicle article states.

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