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Jan. 11 – Jan. 17
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Talk of teacher strikes was a big education news story this week. In Los Angeles, administrators are trying desperately to keep schools open as more than 30,000 educators remain on the picket lines, reports Linda Jacobson for Education Dive.

Elsewhere in California, time is running out for the Oakland teachers union and school district officials to reach a deal to avoid a strike, writes Theresa Harrington for EdSource.

The Denver Post’s Elizabeth Hernandez reports that, barring an agreement with the district, teachers in the city will vote this weekend on whether to proceed with a strike.

For the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Meghan Mangrum reports on the latest tobacco product targeted to teens – nicotine toothpicks.

The Tennessee Pathways in Education program saves students from dropping out, but its success isn’t reflected in state metrics, reports Jennifer Pignolet for the Commercial Appeal in Memphis.

Danielle Dreilinger writes about the “AI-In-A-Box” program that is bringing artificial intelligence to K-12 classrooms for EdSurge.

In announcing her resignation alongside her decision to remove Silent Sam’s pedestal, UNC’s chancellor may have salvaged her legacy, writes Sarah Brown for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

A consultant hired to improve Nebraska schools earns more during one site visit than young Nebraska teachers do in a month, writes Joe Dejka for the Omaha World-Herald.

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