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Highlights of 2017 (and Dec. 22-28)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

We asked journalists to share some of their favorite education stories of 2017. Here are some highlights.

Bethany Barnes of The Oregonian investigates allegations of sexual abuse against a Portland Public Schools educator that span decades.


Peggy Barmier of The Hechinger Report explores the budget cuts and uncertainties a West Virginia program faces under the Trump administration.


Chalkbeat’s Shaina Cavazos follows the money — tens of millions – charged in management fees by an online school that hired barely any teachers. 


In this profile for by The Marshall Project’s Eli Hager details the rehabilitation of Michelle Jones, who went from prison to grad school at New York University, after Harvard rescinded its admission offer. 


A coach is allowed to keep his job despite pleading guilty to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from North Carolina’s No. 1 recipient of private school vouchers, reports Lindsay Wagner of Public School Forum of North Carolina.


And here’s our weekly roundup of recent stories shared by our members: 

The Palm Beach Boys & Girls Clubs’ hired a new director trailed by a long history of sexual harassment allegations — something a simple Google search reveals, reports Scott Travis of the Sun-Sentinel.


Tawnell Hobbs of the Wall Street Journal examines and tallies settlements stemming from sexual misconduct claims at schools across the U.S.


Ann Zaniewski explains in the Detroit Free Press how a missed deadline cost the old Detroit school district $6.5 million of its own bailout money.

Beech McNeel details for Folo Media the efforts to disrupt the school segregation market in San Antonio.

The Oklahoman’s Ben Felder explores the culture and identity struggles of Native American students attending school in the state’s two largest metro areas.

A University of Rochester professor on paid leave and under investigation for sexual harassment is still active on campus, Justin Murphy reports for the Democrat and Chronicle.


Mandy McLaren of The Courier Journal reports how new tax law allows families to use tax-free savings accounts to pay for private school tuition.


State budget cuts didn’t stop a Texas high school football coach from getting a $20,000 raise, Aliyya Swaby reports for The Texas Tribune.


Hazing doesn’t just happen in college. The Oregonian’s Everton Bailey Jr. examines troubling incidents at a local high school.

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