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February 2-9
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Lauren Camera writes for U.S. News & World Report that while DeVos may be a champion of school choice, she will need to take a piecemeal approach to expansion, as it is unclear whether measures like a voucher proposal would garner more support from lawmakers if pushed by DeVos.

On Kara Newhouse’s Women In STEM podcast for Lancaster Online, African-American teenagers from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, school district share what they thought of the recent Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures.”

Katy Murphy reports on the possibly devastating effects that could face University of California, Berkeley’s research enterprise if President Donald Trump follows through on his threat to revoke the school’s federal funds in response to the cancellation of a recent far-right speaker event on campus.

Documents and emails obtained by Shelly Conlon of the Waco Tribune-Herald show that a former principal, dean and counselor awarded course credits to some 2016 graduates who did not earn them.

Corey Mitchell and Francisco Vara-Orta report for Education Week on the uncertain fate for undocumented DREAMers following the sweeping order to halt residents from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

Kelly Mae Ross of U.S. News & World Report explores four questions that students should keep in mind while researching where to earn an undergraduate degree abroad.

Following a year-long investigation, Julie Chang with the Austin American-Statesman found that among teachers who resign amid investigations into improper conduct with students, criminal charges do not always follow.

Teddy Nykiel reports for NerdWallet that at 90 percent, black students bear a disproportionate and growing share of the student loan debt burden.

For Houston Public Media, Laura Isensee visits one school to explore if letting kids choose to take Zumba or dog-training as a class actually helps them learn.

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