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February 16-23
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

A recent analysis by Lauren Fitzpatrick and Andrea Salcedo of the Chicago Sun-Times found that of $46 million in budget cuts, on average, Hispanic schools lost 1.8 percent, African-American schools 1.6 percent and white schools only 0.8 percent of their funding.


Joe Dejka and Erin Duffy, in the final piece of a three-part series for The Omaha World-Herald, dig deeper into what exactly is being taught in Omaha Public Schools’ sex ed classes, which encourage abstinence but assume some high school students will have sex.


Natalie Pate of the Statesman Journal looks at the implications of Senate Bill 8, an Oregon legislative proposal that would allow some community colleges and public universities to merge into one institution.


 Linda Conner Lambeck of the Stamford Advocate shares her observations from the vocal crowd challenging a Connecticut proposal to cut district funding further.


The Des Moines Register’s Mackenzie Ryan speaks with a small but growing group of parents who want the flexibility in their children’s education options that cyber-classes can provide.


 Hannah Colton reports for KUNM on the “stakes” involved in high-stakes testing.


Goldie Blumenstyk of The Chronicle of Higher Education explores the reaction to news that one of higher education’s polarizing figures could be leading a federal task force that might reshape the sector.


Denise Smith Amos of the Florida Times-Union explores new data that suggest higher standards and tougher tests may have cost many Florida schools bonus money from the state.


For Inside Higher Ed, Andrew Kreighbaum breaks down how proposals to eliminate PLUS loans are likely to draw opposition from advocacy groups.


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