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Feb. 15 – Feb. 21
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

As a teachers strike begins in Oakland, principals struggle with decision to cross picket line or not, reports Chalkbeat’s Sharon Noguchi.

For The Denver Post, Elizabeth Hernandez details the dramatic back-and-forth that helped end the city’s teachers strike.

The Houston Chronicle’s Jacob Carpenter explores how a new Texas law is creating tension between state and local school accountability systems.

Idaho’s new governor wants to double funding for the state’s literacy program despite questions about its effectiveness, reports Kevin Richert for Idaho Education News.

For the Los Angeles Times, Teresa Watanabe and Suhauna Hussain explain why a court ruling has prompted many California colleges to halt Title IX investigations.

The University of Michigan is reexamining its free speech policies in the wake of a lawsuit challenging how the university handles language that some might find offensive, reports Kim Kozlowski for The Detroit News.

In North Carolina, the state’s voucher program continues to expand despite a lack of takers to spend the money the program already has, reports Ann Doss Helms for The Charlotte Observer.

For the Detroit Free Press, David Jesse explains why many Michigan universities see foreign students as one way to stave off financial problems.

San Antonio could become the next city to guarantee free community college to graduating high school students, reports Alia Malik for the San Antonio-Express News.

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