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Feb. 1 – Feb. 7
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With Denver teachers poised to strike, Chalkbeat’s Melanie Asmar analyzes the role of the district’s pay-for-performance teacher compensation system.

In Pennsylvania, a grand jury released a report detailing favoritism, mismanagement, and poor leadership in a now financially insolvent school district, reports Matt McKinney for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

For, Trisha Powell Crain examines how, in Alabama, some 17-year-olds are “denied a public education.”

What do school security improvements look like? For one Texas district, upgrades include panic buttons and AR-15s, reports The Wall Street Journal’s Tawnell Hobbs.

For EdSurge, Emily Tate explores an increasingly popular approach to school safety—facial recognition software.

An Oregon task force many hoped would address school segregation failed to deliver, saying the community is “not ready for … integration,” reports Natalie Pate for the Salem Statesman Journal.

In California, some schools are using a diverse array of strategies to help unaccompanied immigrant students finish high school, reports EdSource’s Zaidee Stavely.

For the Detroit Free Press, David Jesse examines the toll that campus sexual assault investigations can take on accusers as well as the accused.

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