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December 2 – December 8
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Boys are less likely than girls to take advantage of college-prep services in California. Larry Gordon of EdSource reports on the how and why.

The school district in Ohio’s capital created a counseling response team to aid students at campuses beset by tragedy. A team of roughly 20 personnel responded to 17 incidents last year, write Bill Bush and Shannon Gilchrist for The Columbus Dispatch.

The University of Montana is exploring an approach to course funding that “ranks every academic (and administrative) program on campus,” we learn in this story by Derek Brouwer of the Missoula Independent. The process “is bound to be a tense, even cutthroat endeavor” and “may lead to the elimination of some degree offerings.”

Francesca Berardi for The Teacher Project (via Slate) explores the dynamics behind the under-enrollment of Head Start despite high demand for early education.

We now know students from grade school to college are largely unable to determine the validity of a news source. Here are a few approaches to beefing up their media literacy, via Alexandra Pannoni of U.S. News & World Report.

Find out why a judge called Connecticut’s education funding system “irrational” and a “black box of secrecy” in this comprehensive report by The Connecticut Mirror’s Jacqueline Rabe Thomas.

A Tennessee program that provides assistance to college students with disabilities is understaffed, despite million of unused dollars, writes Meredith Kolodner for The Hechinger Report.

Be inspired by this smart data dive by Holly Hacker of The Dallas Morning News: the most and least diverse schools in Texas.

Benjamin Wermund provides us with a rare look at Trump’s appointee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, and her husband, and how “Christian faith drives their efforts to reform American education.”


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