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December 15 – December 22
Some of our favorite stories by EWA members this week

This company trains schools how to respond to active shooter attacks, reports Dan Carsen for WBHM. Unlike other training, this group, which has partnered with 3,700 districts, encourages staff and students to fight back.

A heartwarming tale or a case study in picking favorites? Gabrielle Russon of the Orlando Sentinel examines the merits of a Florida university absorbing a bionics company and the worries other firms have about an unfair competitive environment.

A Colorado school is teaching students about the effects of climate change. What’s unusual is the class doling out the lessons: English. Learn about teaching science through Pulitzer-winning non-fiction work with this Jenny Brundin piece from Colorado Public Radio.

We’ll let this lede do the talking: “There is a war in Connecticut over how to teach children to read.” Strong stuff from Jacqueline Rabe Thomas of The Connecticut Mirror.

Expect Congress to set the tone for higher-ed policy under a Trump presidency. That insight and other takeaways can be found in Goldie Blumenstyk’s story in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Link here:

“Over the past two decades, Texas communities have spent about $500 million on 144 indoor practice facilities — buildings with artificial turf fields large enough for football teams to practice safe from the elements,” writes Corbett Smith for The Dallas Morning News.

“Colorado districts big and small are looking at building their own housing or collaborating with external partners to do so” – moves designed to offer affordable housing options for teachers who may otherwise be priced out of the districts in which they teach, reports Ann Schimke of Chalkbeat Colorado.

Kevin Richert of Idaho Ed News goes deep to explain how the state’s $11 million for literacy education is spent on the districts with the least impressive reading outcomes.

How do you train a teacher for this? “Eckhoff knows what it’s like to feel unprepared for the trauma children can bring with them to school. One of her former 1st-graders attempted suicide,” tells us Peggy Barmore, a story by Education Week and The Hechinger Report. 

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