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December 10-17
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Lessons from School Shutdown

The debate between school officials, politicians and law enforcement in Los Angeles over whether this week’s shutdown of schools was warranted points out gaps in city officials’ ability to work together during potential crises, Howard Blume and Peter Jamison report for the Los Angeles Times.


Crossing the Lines

Rose French of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes about enrollment fraud in metro Atlanta, where education officials are cracking down on families who lie about where they live so that students can attend high-performing schools or campuses with better sports teams. 



Dianne Solís and Holly Hacker of The Dallas Morning News weave modern multimedia and archived photos into a complex narrative about the history of racism at Southern Methodist University. 


Bilingual Education Could Be the Answer

Rebecca Klein of The Huffington Post takes readers inside a poor elementary school that’s dual-language program has produced not only bilingual children, but also students who are more likely to graduate high school and attend college than their peers in districts with similar racial and economic demographics.


State Report Card Under Fire

Civil rights activists in Iowa are criticizing the state’s new school report card — touted as being more accurate – for failing to explicitly measure the academic performance of minority students, Mackenzie Ryan reports for The Des Moines Register.


School Official: Why Haven’t We Already Been Doing This?

Since high schoolers have to take a foreign language, why not give English-language learners credit for a language they’re already proficient in? Avi Wolfman-Arent of WHYY broadcasts from a school in Delaware, where immigrant students report a much-needed boost of confidence after testing in their native tongue. 


Charter Schools Accused of White-Collar Crime

Dan Mihalopoulos and Jon Seidel of the Chicago Sun-Times team up for an investigative piece into Concept Schools, a charter-school firm suspected of funneling more than $5 million in federal grants to insiders rather than schools. 


Poor School, Rich School

In a story for The Hechinger Report, Jon Marcus and Holly Hacker write about the “stark view of the reality of American higher education,” where wealthy kids go to elite colleges, and poor kids go to community college. 


Teach to the Test, or Not? 

Grace Tatter of Chalkbeat Tennessee reports that in Tennessee, teachers are getting conflicting messages: Don’t teach to the test, yet your evaluation depends on it. 

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