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Dec. 29 – Jan. 3
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week.

Sarah Brown and Karin Fischer of The Chronicle of Higher Education investigate the link between the lack of a college education and public-health crises in Missouri and across America.


World language classes are disappearing from many Oklahoma high schools. Jennifer Palmer of Oklahoma Watch analyzes the causes of that trend and the potential impact on students.


Collin Binkley examines for the Associated Press how U.S. public universities are working harder to prevent suicides but not tracking data to determine the success of that investment and effort.


In California, youths who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender are more likely to face homelessness, even in cities perceived as gay friendly such as San Francisco, reports Carolyn Jones of EdSource.


The Connecticut Post’s Linda Lambeck scrutinizes efforts to ensure students expelled from school receive instruction comparable to what they would get in a regular classroom and address the issues that got them into trouble.


Ann Doss Helms reports for The Charlotte Observer about student leaders’ excitement over a project that has them working through racial struggles and frustrations to find common ground.


Eva-Marie Ayala examines for The Dallas Morning News the problem of overcrowded classrooms at Texas charter schools.


In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Baby University, a city-funded partnership aims to support pregnant mothers through their child’s toddler years, Meghan Mangrum reports for the Times Free Press.

Eric Weddle of WFYI describes the high rate of absences and students skipping during weeks of tests at Arlington High as well as staff’s efforts to track them down and get them to school.

Annika Hammerschlag of the Naples Daily News details criticism of recent school board actions — a school board member’s homophobic tweets and a school board’s decision to exclude sexual orientation and gender identity from its access to equal educational opportunity policy  — in a story also about a mother’s love for her openly gay son.

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