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August 11 – 17
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

ChalkBeat’s Julia Donheiser walks us through the steps educators across the country are taking to prepare for next week’s “Great American Eclipse.”


Jennifer Chambers of The Detroit News looks at how school supplies get into the hands of students where many children live in poverty, and parents cannot afford the long list of required items.


Writing for the Statesman Journal about the upcoming eclipse, Natalie Pate explores a local university’s upcoming gathering of solar scientists, with researchers coming from as far as Ireland and Japan. 


EdSurge’s Jenny Abamu offers insight on resources to help educators start conversations on everything from the history of racism to conversational tools to talk about the subject.


Edwin Rios reports for Mother Jones on the ways in which educators around the country are grappling with how to talk to students about what happened in Charlottesville.


Georgie Silvarole of the Independent Mail examines Clemson University President Jim Clements’ statement ”there’s no place for bigotry, racism, hatred on our campus.”


Education Week’s Evie Blad blogs about the winners of a recent design challenge seeking to redesign social-emotional learning measures for better accountability. 


ChalkBeat’s Nic Garcia reports that Colorado’s policy of not penalizing schools that fail to meet federal requirements for student participation in state tests isn’t going over well with the federal government.


Eli Francovich of the Spokesman-Review outlines James Allsup’s drastic takeover of the Washington State University’s College Republicans in 2015.


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