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April 7 – April 13
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Jane Meredith Adams of EdSource reports that the California Department of Health’s new law, which eliminated personal belief as a reason not to vaccinate, may be why the percentage of vaccinated kindergarteners at an all-time high.



Jenny Brundin from Colorado Public Radio explores how a school district that’s strapped for cash tries to balance the needs of its students, many of whom have multiple learning disabilities.


Melissa B. Taboada of the Austin American-Statesman reports that two of Austin’s top magnet schools saw their minority student numbers double in their incoming class after adjusting their admissions requirements to consider factors such as race, socioeconomic status and the neighborhood where a student lives.


Natalie Pate of the Statesman-Journal covers a bill the Oregon state legislature is considering that would require all graduating high school students to achieve a 60 percent score on the U.S. naturalization test given to immigrants in order to receive their high school diploma.


Kendi A. Rainwater and Emmett Gienapp of the Times Free Press use a records request to discover emails that showed the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga chancellor may have fired a reporter at the school’s NPR affiliate because of fear of losing funding due to legislators who were upset with a story.


Carolyn Jones and Theresa Harrington of EdWeek look into how schools and security experts across California revisited campus safety protocols intended to keep students safe from gun violence in the wake of the recent San Bernardino shootings.


Kelly Mae Ross from U.S. News & World Report held a college admissions Q&A with admissions officers from University of Oregon, Xavier University of Louisiana, the University of Rochester and the University of Alabama.


Ron Matus from RedefineED looks into how the recent dialogue around school choice affects those students in rural school districts.


Andrea Honaker with The Telegraph in Macon, Ga. profiles the Bibb County district leader who is known for his no-nonsense approach and push to create a “culture of accountability.”


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