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April 5 – April 11
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A series of stories this week from education reporters describe the challenges some places face in attracting and keeping teachers. For USA Today, Erin Richards explains how soaring housing prices are fueling a chronic teacher shortage in Hawaii.

In Colorado, officials are trying a novel strategy to attract teachers to rural communities. Colorado Public Radio’s Jenny Brundin reports on the “rural immersion” program.

Elsewhere, The Virginian Pilot’s Sara Gregory explains how one district is using the promise of more money to keep teachers at hard-to-staff schools.

For The Chronicle of Higher Education, Michael Vasquez and Dan Bauman explore the unexpected crises families face in the wake of college closures.

The 74’s Kevin Mahnken takes a deep dive into civics education and explains how one prominent charter school network is working to prepare students for the demands of citizenship.

For the Salem Statesman Journal, Natalie Pate explains why teachers in Oregon are on the verge of a statewide strike.

Despite an infusion of billions of dollars into public education, nearly all of Washington state’s school districts are facing significant budget deficits. The Columbian’s Katie Gillespie and Adam Littman explain what went wrong.

For The Dallas Morning News, Eva-Marie Ayala explains the events that prompted the University of Texas at Arlington to issue a sweeping moratorium on all social activities by fraternities and sororities.

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