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Five Questions For … College Professor Benjamin Vogt, on the Higher Education Job Hunt

After a frustrating search for a faculty position in the Midwest to teach creative writing and literature, author Benjamin Vogt decided to try a new approach. He’s posted his own job opening – for colleges to “apply” to hire both Vogt and his wife. Vogt, currently an adjunct professor at Doane College and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, spoke with EWA. 

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Five Questions For … Matt Reed, Newly Revealed as `Confessions of a Community College Dean’ Blogger

Earlier this week the author of the popular – and anonymous – “Confessions of a Community College Dean” blog on Inside Higher Ed revealed his identity. He is Matt Reed, vice president of academic affairs at Holyoke Community College in Holyoke, Mass. Reed, who has a forthcoming book based on his online writing, spoke with EWA.  

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Education Buzzwords: What Do Reporters Need to Know?

Sequestration. Blended learning. DACA. These are just a few of the buzzwords you’re going to be hearing — and probably writing — a lot more about in the coming months.

EWA Buzzwords, a new feature launching soon, wants to help you build your education policy vocabulary. We also want you to share your expertise with other members. What words or phrases do you think we should include on the hot list?

You can post your suggestions here, or email EWA K-12 public editor Emily Richmond at

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Five Questions For …. Education Week’s Alyson Klein On Waivers, School Choice, and What’s Next for Federal Policy

Alyson Klein (along with Michele McNeil) authors Education Week’s influential Politics K-12 blog. She spoke with EWA about what the outcomes of Tuesday’s election will mean for education policy at the state and federal level.

1. One of the problems with creating long-term education reform is that it’s often interrupted. What will four more years mean for initiatives like Race To The Top, School Improvement Grants, and the Investing In Innovation (i3) program?

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Living with Two Languages: The Advantages of Being Bilingual

What’s the best age to start and master a new language? Are bilingual students smarter? Does knowing two languages offer advantages in learning how to read, write and do math? Does being bilingual have an impact on our personal and emotional development? These themes, and many more, will be addressed during the daylong conference, Living with Two Languages: the Advantages of Being Bilingual, at the Lycée Français de New York on Saturday, November 3.

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Public school system dying?

At the Aspen Institute, during a lively, stimulating discussion today on a new book called “The Futures of Education Reform,” Richard Elmore of Harvard Graduate School of Education threw out a real firebomb. He suggested that public education is stuck in a state of inertia, that it’s too hidebound to reform. In fact, he went as far as to say that the institution is dying and all the reform efforts he’s involved in at various schools and districts are “palliative care.”

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Five Questions For … KUOW Radio Reporter John Ryan, On Investigative Reporting, International Searches, and Making the Most of Online Resources

Evergreen College professor Jorge Gilbert fled the country after the state of Washington fined him for misappropriating his students’ payments for a study abroad program in South America. KUOW radio reporter John Ryan (Twitter: @KUOWJohnR) in Puget Sound, Wash. tracked him down in his native Chile.

1. Other publications had covered the story, but didn’t go far with it. What made you want to stick with it?

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Bingo! Education Buzzwords to Look For in Tonight’s Presidential Debate

With the help of EWA members, we’ve put together a bingo card of some of the more popular education buzzwords and phrases you can expect to hear at tonight’s debate. If you are planning a debate-watching party — and who isn’t? — you can print out all five cards and play along.

Click here to download your own set of bingo cards.

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Is FERPA Unconstitutional?

Attorney Frank D. LoMonte is Executive Director of the Student Press Law Center, a nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Va., that supports greater transparency in schools. Attorney Frank D. LoMonte is Executive Director of the Student Press Law Center, a nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Va., that supports greater transparency in schools. 

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Thursday Night Negotiations Between CTU and CPS:

Several setbacks in the negotiating process likely have dragged out the strike. There are mixed reports on whether there will be negotiations in the morning. Regardless, the House of Delegates–a body of union members that votes to end a work stoppage–will meet today at 2pm for at least a briefing. Earlier in the day, both sides expressed some optimism the delegates would vote to end the labor dispute.

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Five Questions for … OECD Deputy Director Andreas Schleicher, on ‘Education At a Glance 2012′

This year’s Education at a Glance report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development includes new indicators on early childhood education and care, on inequality in education and how a parent’s education influences their child’s academic attainment, and on factors affecting the performance of immigrant and disadvantaged children at school. EWA spoke with Andreas Schleicher, OECD deputy director for education and special advisor on education policy to the secretary-general of the OECD.