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Wisdom from Four Decades of Education Reporting

JUDY WOODRUFF: We do seem to be talking about education more, though, today as a country. I mean, we don’t — we don’t seem to take it for granted, the way we used to.

JOHN MERROW: We talk a lot about it. We — I think, Judy, that we ask the wrong question, fundamentally. And this is sort of a bumper sticker way of thinking about it. But I think the system looks at each child and says, how intelligent are you, how intelligent are you, and then tests, whereas the question we really — it seems like we ought to be asking is, how are you intelligent, how are you intelligent, and then figure out a way to build on what — the strengths that kid has, which you can do with technology today. I mean, we have the potential to transform public education. Whether we do it is an open question. OK, you ready to read this story?