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Who Could Be the Next Secretary of Education After the 2020 Election?

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has shown how politically potent and polarizing ideas like school choice can be when the public attaches them so strongly to a highly visible person. So with the Iowa caucuses upon us, let’s permit ourselves to wonder: Who could be the next secretary of education?

One thing we heard consistently: In part due to Democrats’ attitude towards and public statements about DeVos, a Democratic president-elect is particularly likely to pick someone who is or has recently been a practitioner and worked in the public education sector. But it’s also fair to ponder whether the next secretary (whether he or she works for a Democrat or Republican) will hail from a higher education background, given all the attention on the 2020 campign trail to student debt and the cost of higher education. DeVos herself has recently demonstrated that the secretary often has much more authority over higher education than over K-12.

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