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Wesleyan’s Student Newspaper Could Soon Lose A Lot Of Money

The student government at Wesleyan University is about to dramatically slash funding for the campus newspaper in the wake of a controversial op-ed that criticized Black Lives Matter. Or else the school newspaper might be getting a big increase in funding under a digitalization effort. It depends on who you’re listening to. 

The Wesleyan Student Assembly, the Connecticut university’s student government, passed a resolution Sunday to move forward on a plan to significantly overhaul how it funds the independent student newspaper, the Argus. Resources would be divided among Wesleyan’s various campus publications based on online readership as measured through Google analytics, and based on votes from the student body.

The resolution allows for details to be amended, but Sunday’s vote affirmed creating 20 stipend positions with the initial aim to fund these roles through cutting the Argus’ printing budget by $17,000. The student assembly would also reserve $2,000 for targeted Facebook ads meant to “make student publications more visible than ever.”