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In Wash. School Tragedy, Shooter Defies ‘Typical’ Stereotype

As part of a Native American family active in the tight-knit Tulalip Tribes community, and a football player who was recently selected for the homecoming court, Mr. Fryberg didn’t fit the widely held belief that school shooters typically are socially isolated white males who spend a lot of time playing violent video games. And that divergence, said experts on school violence, underscores a too-often-overlooked fact when educators and communities rush to find answers to such tragic acts: There is no “typical” school shooter.

“There is actually no stereotype,” said Dewey Cornell, the director of the Youth Violence Project at the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville. “There is a human tendency to look for predictive factors, but if we apply those to the general population, we will find many false positives.”