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Waiver Setbacks Spell More Business Potential for Tutoring Companies

Private tutoring companies in Washington are likely to get an influx of new students this fall, a direct result of the loss of the state’s No Child Left Behind Act waiver in April.

And by next year, Oklahoma could be another land of opportunity, after being denied an extension of its waiver by the U.S. Department of Education this week. “I know of some providers that are expanding operations to these new markets,” Steve Pines, executive director of the Education Industry Association, wrote in an email. The Vienna, Va.-based organization includes some tutoring companies among its members. 

With about 20 states still waiting for waiver extensions, in addition to seven California districts that formed a coalition independent of their state, the tutoring industry could be ready for a bit of a rebound if many more denials are issued by the department in coming weeks.