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Volunteer ‘Pushy Moms’ Help Community College Students Transfer to Four-Year Schools

On a rainy December afternoon, Eren Ozsar sat hunched over his laptop in a crowded Starbucks on the Upper East Side.

He peered intently at the screen as he clicked through the admissions office site for Columbia University’s School of General Studies. “Is there any way to determine what your odds are of getting in?” the woman across the table from him asked. After a few minutes, Ozsar shook his head. “Not that I know of,” he replied. The woman, Melanie Rose, delivered some tough news. “That is a reach school,” she said. “You need some safeties.”

 Rose, a 61-year-old former magazine publisher and chocolatier, is one of the “Pushy Moms,” a group of about a half-dozen women helping LaGuardia Community College students like Ozsar, 22, make the leap to four-year schools and bachelors’ degrees.