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This Video Of Jubilant Students At A Small-town Louisiana School Inspired Millions. Here’s Why.

Breaux Bridge is a small Louisiana town about an hour outside Baton Rouge. The average income among its 8,300 residents is less than $30,000 a year. Most graduating high school seniors don’t go to college. Many don’t even graduate from high school.

But the graduation rate is 100 percent at TM Landry College Prep, an independent school in Breaux Bridge that began in 2005 with five students labeled as “black troublemakers,” the school says. All students have been accepted at four-year colleges, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford universities.

“In my community, most African American girls end up pregnant or not doing anything with their life,” 17-year-old Asja Jackson told The Washington Post. “My mom wanted a different opportunity for me.

TM Landry was the way out.” Just 12 years after its founding, TM Landry, named for the couple who started it, Tracey and Michael Landry, has managed to launch students from this relatively isolated low-income town into the ranks of the greatest universities in the world.