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Udacity and Boot Camps Offer Money-back Guarantees for Job Placement

Earlier this year Udacity, a Silicon Valley-based online course provider, announced a new perk for those considering its nanodegrees, which are short-term bundles of courses in technology-related fields such as data science, basic programming and app development.

“Earn a nanodegree credential and we will guarantee you a job within six months of graduation or give you 100 percent of your tuition back,” Sebastian Thrun, Udacity’s co-founder, wrote in January. (Thrun left his CEO perch with the company in April.)

Udacity isn’t the only nontraditional higher education provider to offer some form of money-back guarantee. Several coding boot camps, including Bloc, the Flatiron School, App Academy and others, have in place similar tuition refunds that are tied to employment.