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Thousands Expected for Red for Ed Action Day at the Indiana Statehouse. Here’s Why They’re Marching.

Half of Indiana’s public school students will be out of classrooms Tuesday while thousands of teachers from across the state rally at the Statehouse to demand better pay.

It’s an unprecedented move from Indiana’s teachers, who have spent the last several years watching their counterparts in other states and cities striking, walking out and marching their way toward higher salaries and better working and learning conditions.

Earlier this year, the Indiana State Teachers Association organized a rally that attracted several thousand teachers – but it was on a Saturday, so there were no disruptions to schools, students and families.

Organizers of Tuesday’s event said they’ve tried every other way to get their message across and still feel unheard. So, ISTA is holding the Red for Ed Action Day on Tuesday to coincide with the day lawmakers return to the Statehouse and kickoff the 2020 legislative session.