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‘They Should Be Embarrassed’: Advocates Criticize Indiana Senate For 0-50 Vote On Special Education Bill

In a rarely seen display of opposition, the Indiana Senate voted 0-50 this week to kill a piece of legislation that would have changed the way special education disputes between families and schools are resolved. 

Sen. Dennis Kruse (R-Auburn) sponsored the legislation but didn’t plan to call it down for a vote on Tuesday because he knew it would fail. But Kruse said he was urged by Senate colleagues to bring House Bill 1107 to the floor. Some lawmakers switched their “yes” votes to “no” votes until only one “yes” remained: Kruse. 

Laughter could be heard in the chamber as other lawmakers yelled at Kruse to change his vote to a “no”. He eventually did. Kruse said he felt peer-pressured. No senators spoke on the floor to explain their vote.

“I felt defeated … It’s kind of an embarrassment for me to have a bill, you know, fail zero to 50,” Kruse told WFYI in an interview Wednesday. “So I kind of had hurt feelings myself.”

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