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This Teen Mom And Her Newborn Rode A City Bus To A School For Delinquents. Here’s Why

Every morning just before 5 a.m., 17-year-old Judy Sinpraseuth would quietly pack books, diapers and formula, trying not to wake her newborn son as she prepared him for the ride on the city bus.

Before the sun rose, Sinpraseuth would push Antwone in his stroller nearly two miles from their west Fresno home down a dark dirt road to the nearest bus stop. Together, they would ride to Cambridge Continuation High School – a 10-mile trip that took about an hour each way. When class was over, the pair would do it all over again.

Before she was a mother, Sinpraseuth went to Hoover High School – where she wanted to stay after she found out she was pregnant. That’s where her friends were, and it meant a quick, free ride to class from her parents.

But Hoover didn’t offer on-site childcare like Cambridge did. So she had to make a choice.