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Teachers Get Schooled on Talking Race

Here’s the scenario: a teenage boy and girl are arguing about the presidential election in their school cafeteria. The boy tells the girl he’s supporting Trump because he’ll build a wall to keep out Mexican immigrants. The girl says she’s of Mexican descent and that she considers the boy’s remarks racist. A teacher overhearing this lunchroom conversation should:

A) Get the kids to calm down, tell them they’re each entitled to their opinion and change the topic.

B) Offer a history lesson on how Texas actually used to be part of Mexico.

C) Pretend not to hear it and leave.

D) None of the above

If you’re guessed D, you were right. Knowing what to say when children bring up race and identity can be tough. And they will bring it up, now more than ever, with the presidential race and recent killings of black men by police topping the headlines.