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Study: Relying on Above-Average Scores on Entrance Exams Hinders Diversity

While above-average scores on college entrance exams may predict better academic performance and graduation rates in college, relying on the scores in admission decisions will “severely reduce” the number of minority and low-income students on campus.

That is the key finding from a new study released Monday, titled “Efficacy vs. Equity: What Happens When States Tinker with College Admissions in a Race-Blind Era?” The study is meant to illuminate the challenges associated ensuring diversity on campus by means of supposedly “objective” criteria such as SAT or ACT scores. Those challenges come into play in the era ushered in by the 2014 Fisher v. University of Texas case, which holds that public universities must show there are no “workable solutions” not based on race before they resort to race-based admissions strategies to bring about diversity.