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Storm Recovery Remains Painful as Texas, Florida Schools Reopen

Schools may be open again in most parts of storm-ravaged Florida and Texas, but things are hardly back to normal as students and staff deal with cleanup, rebuilding, and the emotional disruption of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Chris Garcia is in 11th grade at Marathon Middle High School, in the central Florida Keys, which reopened Sept. 27 after being shut down for 15 days because of Irma. The school is part of the Monroe County school district, which includes all of the hard-hit Keys.

“I’d rather, definitely, be in school,” said Chris, who said Irma dumped more than three feet of water inside his family’s home and ripped off part of the roof. The family rode out the storm with the teenager’s grandparents, who live in a concrete apartment building. They still haven’t been able to return home.