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Special Education: Students With Dyslexia Disability Battle NYC Dept. of Ed

For both boys, the struggles at school started in the first grade.

By the end of that seminal school year, both of their parents knew that something was wrong. In second grade, each boy was diagnosed with an unspecified learning disability and started receiving special education services at their public schools. “The teachers had no clue how to teach him,” said Debbie Meyer, Isaac’s mother.

Both families set their sights on an option known as “private placement”: a federal guarantee that school districts must pay for tuition at a private school if they can’t meet the needs of a child with a disability. That set both families on an arduous and circuitous path – one biased toward wealthier families who have the money to hire pricey lawyers and the time and savvy to do extensive research on how private placement works.

Indeed, once the two families made the decision that their sons’ needs could not be met in the public schools, their educational journeys could not have been more different.  

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