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Size of State Budget Cuts Becomes Clearer

Seemingly daily lately, officials in states around the country have announced the need to make major cuts that could hit colleges and universities. And Thursday was no exception, as California governor Gavin Newsom said the state would have to cut higher education by $1.7 billion to close a mammoth $54.3 billion budget hole caused by the pandemic.

Among the $6 billion in cuts to the state budget Newsom announced is a $400 million hit to California State University, according to state budget documents. The University of California was cut about $363 million. California Community Colleges will get $740 million less than last year.

Newsom, a Democrat, at a press conference lamented that just in January, the state was celebrating a record surplus and all-time low unemployment. But “just like that, in almost a blink of the eye,” he said, the state’s expected revenue dropped by almost a fourth.

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