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Rhode Island Teachers Trying Out Blended Learning — But Without High Stakes Pressure

“No one has any answers or solutions,” said Shawn Rubin, the director of blended learning at the Highlander Institute, a nonprofit educational consulting, research and development organization affiliated with the charter school that shares its name. “A lot of things we have done in the past, we know they work; now they are going to be more powerful.”

Rubin was a kindergarten teacher at Highlander Charter School when he had the ah-ha moment that set him on a path to inventing Metryx, a program that allows teachers to record student observations in real time and in one place. Rubin left the school in 2011, and co-founded the company that makes Metryx, where he is now CEO. But through his work with the Highlander Institute he remains a familiar face in the school. Other schools have learned from Highland Charter, which now serves as a hub of innovation, where ideas can be tested and then shared.